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Support U.N. Peacekeeping in Iraq and Afghanistan as U.S. Forces Draw Down

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As U.S. military leaders in Afghanistan have begun drafting withdrawal proposals and as President Obama contemplates the enormous task of bringing U.S. troops home, we must re-double efforts to support long-term peace and stability in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Rather than slashing funding and support for the UN and UN agencies, we must ensure longevity of their critical function in support of regional and global security. 

The safety of Iraq and Afghanistan citizens -- and our own national security -- are at stake.

U.N. operations play a key role in making sure Iraq and Afghanistan are stable and secure. And our payments ensure that the UN political missions in Iraq and Afghanistan can continue. These missions are working with the Iraqi and Afghan governments to build their capacity and allow our troops to come home sooner.  

In Afghanistan, the UN will continue to:

-- Secure humanitarian and development assistance; 

-- Fight corruption;

-- Support free, fair elections and democratic governance 

-- Transition poppy farming into agribusiness.

In Iraq, the UN will continue to:

-- Coordinate humanitarian relief and reconstruction; 

-- Support free and fair elections;

-- Strengthen the rule of law and the justice system;

-- Support the return of refugees and internally displaced persons.

Fully funded and fully functional UN operations are essential to maintaining long-term U.S. and global interests in the region. And as we’ve see from Kosovo to Haiti, the UN has the unique reach and know-how to effectively rebuild societies wracked by violence and natural disasters, restore confidence in people who have known little but war, and bring peace to some of the most violent conflicts on earth.

Do not let Congress cut funding for these important UN operations.  Stand in support of the critical work of UN in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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