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Support trash & recycling proposal to improve sustainability in Westminster, CO

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The Westminster City Council is currently considering options to reduce trash going to the landfill by providing convenient and affordable curbside recycling and trash service to all residents under a citywide contract. By contracting on behalf of all residents (just as many HOAs do), the city can provide the best services at the lowest prices.

This petition is to let the City Council know we support recycling and would like them to pursue this proposal, knowing that there are still details to be worked out and there will be more public input on the process. 

Recycling and sustainability are important community values for Westminster. Residents have been asking the City to improve recycling for years and this is a proven solution that is working in communities around Colorado and the U.S. Here are some of the facts and reasons for the city’s efforts taken from the website, reports, and outside sources:

Westminster lags in recycling

  • We recycle only 11%, far below the national average of 34%. Yet more than 80% of residents support recycling according to the city’s 2016 survey.
  • Less than half of Westminster residents recycle at the curb. We need to make recycling convenient and affordable for all residents.

The city proposal will lower rates and provide better services.

  • Residents are currently paying up to $43 per month for trash and recycling service.
  • Under a new contract, rates start at just $10.35 per month for both trash and curbside recycling.
  • Residents will have the option to add on new services like yard waste collection for a small monthly fee.
  • Residents who produce less trash will be rewarded with lower rates. Those who produce more trash will pay more. This creates a strong financial incentive for residents to recycle.
  • More than 70% of open house attendees support limiting the number of haulers in order to provide curbside recycling services.

A city contract improves social equity.

  • HOA neighborhoods are paying 47% less for trash and recycling services compared to non-HOA residents. This means lower-income neighborhoods are paying more for the same services, creating a large social inequity.
  • Trash and recycling prices should be equitable for all residents, regardless of their neighborhood, just like other city utilities such as electric and sewer.

A contract will save taxpayer money on costly street maintenance and repairs.

  • Our current waste hauling system is inefficient—as many as six trucks drive up and down residential streets every day. This creates costly wear and tear on our roads from heavy trucks.
  • Each trash truck is the equivalent of 1000-1400 vehicles per day in terms of road damage. Truck traffic also increases air pollution and poses safety concerns.

This is a proven solution.

  • HOA neighborhoods currently have lower prices, better services and fewer trucks on the road because they contract for services.
  • Nine Front Range cities have achieved substantial savings for residents by moving to an organized system that includes providing recycling to all residents. This includes Commerce City, Dacono, Edgewater, Frederick, Golden, Lafayette, Lone Tree, Louisville, and Sheridan.
  • The city has successfully contracted for other services that lower rates and provide better services for residents. For example, the city consolidated all the ambulance services into one city department. This is a common practice for cities with other utilities.

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