Keep our kids safe! Support traffic calming measures outside Chingford CofE Primary school

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Give our kids a chance when crossing the road outside school!

If you live, work or study in Waltham Forest, please sign the petition below.  The address provided should be the signatories home, work or study address in Waltham Forest. You need to be over 11 years old to sign the petition. Thank you.

Chingford CofE Primary School is a split site school and children have lessons on different sites throughout the day. We all want our children and school staff to be able to walk to school and between the school sites without fear of being hit on the zebra crossing outside their school.

Currently this fear is justified as the traffic thunders along Kings Road and over the zebra crossing outside Chingford CofE Primary school.

Parents, children and staff at our school are demanding the council take action and install a package of traffic calming measures to slow the traffic down and give our kids a chance when crossing the road outside their school.

Requested changes include:

  • 20 mph outside the school
  • Pelican crossing
  • Raised humped crossing

The situation has become more urgent as after 21 years of service, Stan our much loved lollipop man is retiring on 5th April; this will make the busy beginning and end of the school day very dangerous. Waltham Forest Council has taken the decision not to fund a replacement crossing patrol person at this site. In these times of huge cuts to school budgets the school’s own budget will have to fund this role.

Kings Road is an A road, with heavy traffic volume throughout the day. It is frightening that the Council are not prepared to fund a vital safety role for our children walking to and from school and between the two sites.

Please help us let the Council know how important it is that the traffic is slowed outside our school to give our kids a chance when crossing the road.