Support to Create Daytime Activity Program for Lowell’s Homeless

Support to Create Daytime Activity Program for Lowell’s Homeless

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The issue facing Lowell’s homeless community

Ninety to one hundred and twenty people make up the Lowell, Massachusetts homeless community. With around 7 homeless shelters, Lowell is able to provide beds to many families and individuals who need respite. However, very few of these shelters remain open during the day or provide any daytime activities. This creates a gap in care that impacts people experiencing homelessness in Lowell as well as residents. 

For the homeless community, the daytime shut-down at many shelters exposes them to environmental elements, hunger, drug use, crime, and danger. Furthermore, homeless individuals become more vulnerable to the rising opioid epidemic, HIV infections, and long-term mental and physical disabilities. For the residents and business owners of Lowell, the result is increased loitering and homeless encampments that often create unsafe environments (improperly disposed needles, unhygienic waste conditions, etc.) which also impacts the homeless people of these encampments as well. Additionally, business operations can be disrupted when there is an influx of people experiencing homelessness which often leads to tensions within the community. 

What can be done

Maintaining and offering daytime shelter and activities is often a major financial undertaking for many shelters. Not only are funds required for daytime programs but there are also staffing costs to consider. Budgetary constraints are often the primary reason for daytime shelter shutdowns. Many of the shelters in Lowell could offer the services with increased funding. Specifically, increased funding would allow:

  1. To extend the shelter hours to accommodate daytime activities 
  2. To facilitate an onsite activity center during the daytime to keep the  homeless individuals busy and active during the day
  3. To offer education/workshops that will enhance skills and knowledge 
  4. To train and provide other opportunities like jobs, voucher programs etc. 

The creation of daytime programs will serve as an effective resource to help homeless individuals to build life skills, promote health, sustain and improve self-esteem and provide overall respite from the conditions of homelessness. Additionally, these programs will aid in both building and improving the networks and relationships of homeless individuals which can lead to overall improved life circumstances. 

How you can help  

This petition is to request that the City of Lowell convene and discuss how to increase funding for the shelters and create an action plan to support the achievement of this vision. The reader is encouraged to sign this petition for the city council to secure funding for daytime activity programs in existing shelters aimed at supporting the productivity of homeless adult individuals. This ensures their safety, wellbeing, positive life change, and a path to integration as valued members of our community. 

For more information 

To learn more about the issues people experiencing homelessness face in Lowell and the city’s efforts, visit these links:



6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!
At 10 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!