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Support the 'Wireless Tax Fairness Act' - Halt regressive taxes that impact every user, and hit those on fixed budgets the hardest


The U.S. Congress is working to forge consumer-friendly tax policies that will impact hundreds of millions of wireless consumers just like you. Cell phone service was once considered a luxury, but having a cell phone is now a daily lifeline for most consumers. It's become an all too important resource for working class Americans who feel the pinch of regressive wireless taxes and fees each month.

There are very few legislative days remaining in the 112th Congress. Last year the House took action to protect consumers by passing H.R. 1002, the ‘Wireless Tax Fairness Act.’ Now is the time for the Senate to follow suit and pass the bipartisan bill S. 543, (Wyden-Snowe ‘Wireless Tax Fairness Act) and send it to the President for his signature.

Please urge your U.S. Senator to support this bipartisan, pro-consumer, pro-taxpayer, protechnology legislation. Your pro-active support is crucial to ensure that the Wireless Tax Fairness Act is enacted this year.

Let’s keep wireless affordable and accessible for ALL Americans. Say NO to all new, discriminatory state and local wireless taxes & fees – for 5 years

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