Support the Save Mount Pleasant ‘Heart of Sharrow’ scheme, Sheffield UK

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Work with and support Avenues to Zero in creating the Heart of Sharrow Scheme at Mount Pleasant, Sheffield.

Stop the deal about to be signed with a care home provider and find them an alternative property, so that this unique site can become the Heart of Sharrow and help completely reinvigorate and unite the communities of the area.

Why is this important?

The Avenues To Zero project team have been engaging and working with the surrounding communities for 4 years and have overwhelming grassroots support from local residents, groups, initiatives and organisations.

The project is supported by and has been worked on with some of the city’s biggest and most well-respected companies (for free), and has secured full funding for the scheme making them more than capable of delivering their scheme. AtoZ has made a competitive offer to Sheffield City Council to buy the property/site for £500,000.

The ‘Heart of Sharrow’ scheme by Avenues to Zero CIC (A Community Interest Company) - offers a real opportunity to connect up and build a cohesive community for the residents of Sharrow and the surrounding areas. It will provide multi-generational, mixed-ability living on a site is that is uniquely located between one of Europe's most deprived areas and one of the UK’s most affluent, that if lost will lose a genuine opportunity to tackle the problems we all face now, and for years to come.

Avenues to Zero is focused on the needs of the local residents, the area and Sheffield, their proposal of community focused and affordable housing; integrated enterprise resources, activities and support; skills, training and events will have far-reaching social and economic impact for the full duration of the whole 250 year lease; creating 100s of businesses and 1,000s of jobs, as well as contributing £10s of millions to the Sheffield Economy.

All surpluses generated by the activities will go into The Heart of Sharrow Community Fund, which will be spent and distributed locally via grants and low-to-no interest loans

AtoZ has partnered with Ship Shapes Health and Wellbeing Services, commissioned by the council and funded with taxpayers money, to ensure the continuation and development of their absolutely vital work in supporting 2,300 local residents each year with a new, purpose-built space.

The proposed care home is not site specific and could be housed anywhere. Hermes Care have expressed a desire to complete their care facility within 12-18 months and without the burden of taking on a Grade II* listed asset would stand a much better chance of success elsewhere.

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