Support the Safe Implementation of Marijuana in California

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Steve Allcock
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In 2016, Californians voted for Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, to allow for the safe, regulated use of commercial cannabis. In plain language, Proposition 64, allows each city and county the ability to regulate, limit or prohibit commercial cannabis activities within their community. This promise of local control is the reason many voters supported Proposition 64.
The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) is now attempting to take away Proposition 64 rights from California communities through the adoption of Regulation 5416(d), which allows commercial cannabis deliveries in any jurisdiction, regardless of local regulations.
In response, a broad and geographically diverse coalition of 25 city and county jurisdictions filed a lawsuit against the BCC, standing for the Safe Implementation of Marijuana Policy for Local Government (SIMPL).
This petition is a declaration of support for SIMPL, and the 25 cities and county jurisdictions (and counting) who are standing up to the BCC. It is an affirmation of support for California communities to have the right to determine the type, if any, of commercial cannabis activities that are allowed in their jurisdictions.
Simply, this petition is a statement of support for SIMPL’s lawsuit against BCC (County of Santa Cruz, et al. v. Bureau of Cannabis Control, et al.) and the restoration of the promise of local control contained in voter-approved Proposition 64.
By signing this petition, you declare your support for SIMPL and the safe implementation of marijuana policy in California!

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