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Support the RI Center for Law and Public Policy's legal services programs and pass Senate Bills 2368 and 2369 and House Bills 7841 and 7842

The RI Center for Law and Public Policy (RICLAPP) provides civil legal services to low income Rhode Islanders. The passage of these bills will enable RICLAPP to continue providing its invaluable programming so that no person - no matter what their economic status - is denied access to justice.

Since 2008, RICLAPP has helped thousands of low-income Rhode Islanders by:

- preventing families from being evicted;

- ensuring that children live in homes free from lead paid, mold, and asbestos;

- protecting senior citizens' access to Medicaid and Medicare;

- empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to start small businesses; and

- providing on-site legal clinics at community centers around the state that offer ongoing counsel to any Rhode Islander in need of legal services.

These are just a few ways that RICLAPP programs make a difference in our community.

RICLAPP was started with a simple mission in mind - offer every Rhode Islander access to justice. Now more than ever, RICLAPP's programs are indispensable.

Please support our petition to tell the Rhode Island Legislature that RICLAPP's programs are essential to a thriving community and it must pass Senate Bills 2368 and 2369 and House Bills 7841 and 7842.   

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Letter to
State Senator Michael McCaffrey
State Representative Nicholas Mattiello
State Senator M. Teresa Paiva-Weed
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State Representative Cale Keable
Pass Senate Bills 2368 and 2369 and House Bills 7841 and 7842 to fund the RI Center for Law and Public Policy (RICLAPP). RICLAPP's work must be funded so it can continue providing legal services to any Rhode Islander in need. RICLAPP has a simple mission - offer all Rhode Islanders access to justice, regardless of economic status. This programming is vital and must continue. Whether preventing a family from being evicted, helping a new entrepreneur start a small business, or protecting a senior citizen's access to Medicaid, RICLAPP programs help our communities grow and thrive.

Stand with me on the side of economic equality and vote to fund RICLAPP's important work.

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