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Support the Residents of 651 Broadway to Fight for Housing with Dignity

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The nearly 50 tenants of 651 Broadway, in Chinatown, are standing up to unfair and unlawful treatment by their landlords, Robert, Elaine and Howard Chan. The building is in a state of neglect, and yet the Chans are trying to raise the rent, in some cases by as much as 50%. Rent increases like this are not just despicable, they are illegal under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance. The tenants in this building are living on very low incomes; many are elderly and depend on their social networks in Chinatown for basic needs. If they are forced out, they will have nowhere to go.

[Pictured above: Tenants in July with their checks ready to pay their legally obligated rent amount outside Eastern International Bank in Chinatown, where Robert Chan is a Co-Chair]
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Letter to the landlord: [English and 中文]

We are friends, neighbors, and community members all over Los Angeles who support the tenants in their fight to live in truly affordable housing with dignity.

We stand by the tenants and their demands:

  1. Do not illegally increase rent, and maintain the rents at the current agreed-upon rates. The current rent is already too high, and increases of more than 5% annually are illegal.

  2. Work together with the tenants to create a clear method to collect rent. Rent should be collected on the third day of the month and the landlord should provide proper receipts to the tenants immediately on site. Each receipt should include the name of the tenant/s, the amount received and the date of payment.

  3. Provide proper receipts acknowledging that all tenants have paid rent promptly for July, August, September, and October of 2017.

  4. Cover the cost and coordinate workers to maintain safe and habitable conditions in the building:
    - Repair or replace the broken lock on the back door and the front door. 
    - Replace the broken shower handles and knobs in all bathrooms. 
    - Provide clean, functional and secure toilets in all bathrooms. Currently, there are toilets in the bathrooms that are not safely secured to the floor. Do not replace broken toilets with used toilets. 
    - Replace the stoves in the kitchen. The ignitions of the stoves are no longer operating. 
    - Replace the carpets in the common area, which has not been cleaned for years. 
    - Conduct regular pest control.  
    - The cleaning sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday should be more than an hour, and include proper cleaning of the bathrooms, the kitchens and the hallways. 

  5. Reduce the penalty for late rent and allow one week extension for tenants who are in financial need. The current penalty rate of $100 is unreasonable for who are paying $300 to $500 rent, on average nearly half their income.

  6. Stop all abusive behavior immediately. The landlords must be respectful and timely in responding to tenants’ communication, and treat all tenants equally, irrespective of age, race, gender, or ability.

We demand Robert, Elaine and Howard Chan to fulfill these demands immediately so that the tenants can return to their normal lives.

Housing is a human right! 住房是人權!



唐人街 651 Broadway 的五十多位租戶受到業主Robert, Elaine, 和 Howard Chan欺凌和不公平的對待。業主多年忽視租戶的居住條件, 沒有履行房東的基本責任。但是 Chans 仍然試圖提高租金,在某些情況下甚至提高至50% ! 根據“租金穩定條例”,這樣的租金膨脹不僅是可恥的,而且是非法的。這棟大廈的租戶大部分收入很低 , 許多是老人,所有基本生活需求要依靠他們在唐人街的社交網絡。如果他們不能支付租金,他們將無家可歸。


  1. 不要非法增加租金. 請按照當前約定, 租戶繼續支付現時的租金. 依我們現在的生活狀況, 目前的租金已經太高了.
  2. 與住戶合作制定一個明確的收取租金方法, 在每一個月的第三天收取租金, 和立即提供適當的收據. 每一個收據應清楚包括租戶的姓名, 收到的金額和付款日期.

  3. 請給我們明確的收據,承認所有租戶已於2017年7月, 8月, 9月和10月支付租金.
  4. 請維持清潔的居住條件, 保持大廈內外的安全, 例如:
    -提供乾淨和安全的衛生間. 目前浴室內的廁所很多都破了, 也沒有安全地固定在地板上. 請不要再用其他大廈的破舊和二手的廁所代替我們大廈已廢舊的廁所.

  5. 減少逾期租金的罰款,並允許在經濟上需要的租戶延長一周的時間。 目前的罰款率為100 美元,是不合理的. 低收入租戶的平均租金只為300至500美元.

  6. 立即停止所有粗暴的行為, 您和您的員工必須尊重所有租客, 與他們溝通時要有禮貌和準時。不論年齡,種族,性別或能力,平等地對待所有租戶.

我們要Robert,Elaine 和 Howard Chan立即回應和實行租戶的要求,讓他們能夠恢復正常生活。


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