Support the people of Afghanistan, who have been oppressed, tortured and starved.

Support the people of Afghanistan, who have been oppressed, tortured and starved.

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People of the world.

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Gestartet von Palwasha Paiwandi

We are  completely pondering whether the people of Afghanistan are not human beings and does not want the United Nations to know about our situation as the people of Afghanistan.

because we are being killed every day by the terrorist Talliban and we are dying of poverty and oppression. TheI wish the poeple of the world still have an opiniopn on us. there is no news from United Nations and Human Rights commission about the Afghans people.

Just they calling for justice,but where is justice?

As a humen being every moment that we become aware of the killing, rape, oppression and threats of the people, we just cry and got lots of stress.

Despite all this fear, we did not sit quietly and appeared in the media many times and exposed every crime of the Taliban on our Facebook page. We think the world that has forgotten us, how can we live carefree about my family and my homeland?

Afghans are alone, world just talk about equality anf justice�

Is not the blood of the people of Afghanistan red, if yes, then why the whole world has made a policy in support of Ukraine, but with thousands of oppressions of the terrorist Taliban in Afghanistan, they have forgotten the situation of the people of this country.

There are thousands of cases of rape, oppression and violence against the Afghan people documented and accurately, but the people of the world, especially the United Nations, have not paid any attention to it.

We want focus on people of Afghanistan.

How can we forget this world silence and discrimination between Afghans and Ukrainians?


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