Support the Nate family in their search for Justice & the Truth!

Support the Nate family in their search for Justice & the Truth!

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Mike Farnworth (Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General)

Why this petition matters

On Oct. 18, 2015, Shirley Nate was walking near her home in Harrison Mills near Kilby Park when she was electrocuted.

"People heard screams at the campground and she was on fire apparently," said an emotional Laura Nichols, Shirley Nate’s sister.

Nate’s family says that as witnesses rushed to help, Nate warned them to stay back. Shirley was airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital, where she battled critical injuries from being badly burned. She had both arms amputated and underwent multiple surgeries.

"She tried to talk but she couldn’t because of all the big tubes in her mouth," remembers her mom, Mary Nate.

She says her daughter fought hard, but died five weeks later after tremendous suffering. Shirley was 60.

Many individuals provided information to the Agassiz RCMP alleging the District knew about the downed power line and the matter was raised in a staff meeting two days before the accident.

"The power line discussion was that there was no power to the pump house and the power line was down and apparently we heard someone had phoned in there was a line down," Morris said in an interview with CTV News.

A second man, who CTV agreed not to identify, said he was in the same meeting and also said a discussion about the downed power line took place.

"… he said that he had received a call from someone in Kilby who had notified him that there was a tree that had come down in the windstorm and had taken out a power line," the man said.

Morris says he left the Friday meeting under the assumption that BC Hydro was going to be called. Two days later, on Sunday, Nate was electrocuted.

Morris and the other man who was in the meeting claim that after the electrocution, the District tried to cover up what it knew, holding meetings with public works staff.

"Instead of accepting responsibility for it… instead they (the district) put us all in a position where we were told to lie about it," said the worker, who didn't want to be identified.

In a statement, BC Hydro says it "…actively participated in the RCMP's investigation and was found not responsible for the incident. According to interviews conducted by the investigation team, the downed line was spotted by a member of the public sometime around Oct. 15, 2015," says the statement from BC Hydro. The downed line may have been reported by area residents to the operators of the Kilby Historic Site who then reported it to the District of Kent instead of BC Hydro," the statement reads. Because there was no power outage and the damaged line was not reported to BC Hydro, BC Hydro was unaware of the hazard posed by the energized line, and so did not take steps to fix the line until after the tragic accident."

"This should have never happened. To anybody," said Nate's brother who is calling for police to re-open their investigation. Police will not reopen their investigation.

Nate's mom keeps some of her daughter's ashes in a heart-shaped pendant she often wears. "Sometimes I feel she's looking after me. I just feel it," she said.

New information has surfaced clearly articulating the corruption in the Agassiz RCMP investigation.

Agassiz RCMP should have never been investigating the District of Kent Municipal Administration/Staff whom they work so closely with and held personal friendships with.

SEVEN years later, the Nate family are still searching for the truth and grieving the family member they lost.

By signing this petition, you are requesting a new Police investigation - investigated by an unaffiliated Municipal Police Agency (ie. VPD) at a level that understands the complexity of the relationship between Municipal Government and RCMP in this small community.

Awareness can help prevent future deaths.

Please help Shirley's Family and all those deeply affected by this tragedy.

575 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!