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Innocent Family Project

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Jane and John Q. Public started this petition to Santa Clara County Citizens Santa Clara Grand Jury and

It took a team of investigative reporters and people speaking up  to save kids to from decades of sexual abuse imposed  by the powerful members of the  Catholic Church.

It will take a greater effort to save children and families being decimated by American Family Courts.

CAN you imagine losing time with your children, your parents or family members  for a day, an hour, a month, a year or ten years?  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

CAN you  imagine losing (through no fault of your own)  a lifetime of your retirement savings, your house investment, your cash, your cars and your  children's college savings accounts, simply because your spouse filed for divorce and hired a lawyer willing to decimate you  and your children? PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

CAN you imagine your elderly parents, grandparents and aunts or uncles losing their life's fortunes, simply because a crooked trustee in probate court is allowed to legally steal their money ? PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

Millions of good parents and innocent children don't have to imagine this, it is happening to them in family courts across the globe, especially in California, and has been for decades.


  • 55% of marriages in California end in divorce.
  • 75% of the people engaged in divorces can not afford to hire a lawyer, so are forced to represent themselves, but also forced to know the law as if they had gone to law school and worked as a lawyer for 20 years.
  • 100% of people who are forced to go through a divorce without a lawyer, when the other spouse has a lawyer, suffers  permanent  loss of their share of  property, income and custody.
  • 95% of divorce cases show evidence of hidden or concealed assets, which a spouse without a lawyer is never able to find.
  • 80% of divorce cases involving children,  litigated in court, show flase claims of parental alienation and child abuse. 
  • Recent trends in family law cases show that judges are using violations of due process and abuse of power to harm citizens in divorce, probate and custody cases , where only one side has a lawyer.
  • Introduction of custody experts, experienced lawyers , forensic CPAs and vocational examiners make divorce proceedings last ten times  times longer and add 500% or more to the final divorce costs.
  • Financial Abuse against the elderly is greatest in the family probate courts ..
  • California's State Bar investigates only 1% of the complaints filed against licensed attorneys.  
  • California's Judicial Performance investigates only 1% of complaints filed against judges, and less than that against family law judges.  
  • California's Board of Accountancy takes 888 days to investigate crooked CPAs and investigates fewer than 1% of the CPAs performing forensic or auditing  done in divorce or probate cases.

True stories:

An  investigation of judges in San Diego, California  exposed systemic court misconduct that resulted in several judges being brought up on criminal charges.

In Pennsylvania, Kids for Cash Judge was convicted of criminal misconduct and sent to  28 years in jail, only after kids died and the public got outraged.

A Michigan Judge jailed children for refusing to see their father. The judge was  disciplined and 4000 of her orders voided out.

CBS's 60 mins. exposed what family law litigants have known for decades; that crooked lawyers will use our courts to launder money and commit fraud, for profit, even in divorce and probate cases.

California's Judge Oversight Agency has admitted to not addressing complaints against judges for decades.

California's State Auditor's  June 2015 Report recommended blowing up the Bar due to unfixable corruption and dysfunction.

Are American Family Courts the Next Judicial Scandal in America??

Parents and Grandparents have had enough and are joining forces to stop the legal harassment and financial destruction of American Families.

Too many Family Court Judges appear willing to use kids and property to give kickbacks to dirty lawyers and fund an endless game of corruption. See  Divorce Corp, a documentary.

Focusing on  Santa Clara County, in California,  where Judge Mary Ann Grilli has presided over divorce and probate matters for three decades an investigation reveals Judge Grilli's  clear bias toward self-represented parties and  appears she has engaged in corruption and kickbacks to an "in " crowd of family lawyers , with whom she has a " close " relationship .

Also in Santa Clara County  " custody expert" , Valerie Houghton,  was recently indicted on over 50 counts of fraud, embezzlement and theft, by Santa Clara County's District Attorney.

Garret Dailey (Elkins lawyer), one of the highest paid family law appeals lawyers in California,  who once defended the self represented underdog in California family law, has sold out ethics he pretended to have during the Elkins case. Dailey  recently tried to block an indigent mother, on Medicare, from appealing a fee order  that required her to pay her wealthy husband, Oliver Garbe, step son of Sean Connery, after Garbe had harassed the mother in a ten year divorce and stipped her of all custody  and property, following a 10 year marriage.

It is time to stop this abuse in our family courts. Justice in family court should not be on a pay to play basis. Kids can not go to the highest bidder , or best paid lawyer in a divorce. Children lose and parents lose when judges allow that.

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This petition had 1,351 supporters