Support the Fruitful Communities initiative!

Support the Fruitful Communities initiative!

October 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tres Crow

Imagine the potential of our landscapes.

Every year, Americans spend over $120B on landscaping services, but what do we get for all that money?

  • Atmospheric carbon
  • Flooding and polluted waterways
  • Soil erosion
  • Low-paying jobs
  • Increased rates of asthma
  • Noise pollution
  • An alarming rate of biodiversity loss

Simply put, the way we build and maintain landscapes in this country is one of the largest drivers of ecological and climate breakdown. 

What if our landscapes could instead be spaces that fight climate change, grow green jobs, provide STEAM education for our children, and help eliminate food insecurity? What if we could take that $120b and use it to make our cities and towns more beautiful, abundant, and sustainable?

Well, we can. And you can help!

Here at Roots Down, we're growing more Fruitful Communities by teaching landscapers and their clients how to turn vacant lots, lawns, and public places like libraries, schools, and parks into food forests and pollinator habitat.

And we've already gotten started! In just the last year we've converted over 130k sqft around DeKalb County Libraries into Fruitful Library gardens for outdoor education. We've also worked with DeKalb County Commissioner Ted Terry to pass the Fruitful Libraries resolution, a commitment by the county to create a plan to transition all 23 libraries to this paradigm. When completed, it will be one of the most ambitious county landscaping plans in the country.

With your support, we can turn landscapes into powerful forces for social and environmental good! 

Sign on to support the Fruitful Communities initiative, a bold education and advocacy plan that catalyzes hyper-local environmental action by bringing community stakeholders together around a shared purpose. Supporting the Fruitful Communities initiative means that you'd like to see more:

  • Pollinator habitat and fruit trees in public places
  • Opportunities for effective STEAM education
  • Environmental education for the whole community
  • Environmentally-friendly landscaping techniques that mitigate climate change instead of making it worse
  • Green jobs and chances for career advancement for land stewards

Support the Fruitful Communities initiative today and join a movement of Growers and Community Advocates all working together to grow a more  beautiful, abundant, and sustainable future for all!


For more information about the Fruitful Communities initiative and ways to get involved, download the free Roots Down app!

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Signatures: 95Next Goal: 100
Support now