Support the First Amendment; Stop the Minneapolis Leak Investigation

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Support the First Amendment; Stop the Minneapolis Leak Investigation

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Committee to Support the First Amendment started this petition to Committee to Defend the First Amendment

I support the Committee to Defend the First Amendment's petition, which calls for Minneapolis to halt an investigation into the leak of a report on ketamine use to the Star Tribune.The city's action has a chilling effect on the public's right to know about this important issue. 

These are the board members of the Committee to Defend the First Amendment*:

Steve Brandt, retired newspaper reporter

Hal Davis, secretary, Minnesota Coalition on Government Information

Matt Ehling, executive director, Public Record Media

Mahmoud El-Kati, professor emeritus, Macalester College

Don Gemberling, retired director of the Data Practices Office, State of Minnesota

Paul Hannah, retired First Amendment attorney

Gary Hill, chair, Minnesota Coalition on Government Information, former managing editor, KSTP-TV news

Chris Ison, associate professor, University of Minnesota, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

Joe Kaczynski, president, National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians, NABET-CWA Local 411.

Jane Kirtley, professor, University of Minnesota

Alberto Monserrate, publisher, La Prensa de Minnesota, past chair, Minneapolis School Board

Janet Moore, president, Minnesota Newspaper and Communications Guild TNG-CWA Local 37702

Teresa Nelson, legal director, American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota

Rich Neumeister, open government citizen lobbyist

Mark Neuzil, professor, University of St. Thomas

David Nimmer, retired asst. professor, University of St. Thomas, retired journalist

Joe Spear, president-elect, Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists

Peter Rachleff, professor emeritus, Macalester College

Louise Sundin, former board member, Minnesota News Council

Laura Waterman Wittstock, founder of Migizi Communications, retired host, First Person Radio, KFAI 

*Organizations listed for identification purposes only



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This petition had 180 supporters

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