Support the Fair Oaks Bike Park Expansion

Support the Fair Oaks Bike Park Expansion

October 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Family FreeRide has been leading an effort to improve, expand and maintain the Fair Oaks Bike Park since 2019. In April 2020 they received Board approval to spend $30,000 of Measure J funding to build a dirt pump track, and have since raised approximately $25,000 from public donations and sponsorships to cover maintenance costs and add improvements like the beginner jump line and obstacle course built in 2021 and 2022. 

Highlights from the proposed expansion include :

- A mirror image Asphalt Pump track that can be used to hold competitions like the Redbull World Pump Track Championship. 
- ADA and Adaptive Mountain Bike trail and pump track 
- Multi use options for skateboards and scooters on the asphalt pump track
- Skills trail for Cyclocross and Junior Mountain Bike races
- Bike Jumps for all ability levels
- Event pavilion
- Additional Parking

The Fair Oaks Bike Park has become a regional destination for all ages, ability levels, and types of bike riders that is utilized year round and on busy days can see over 150 visitors. The proposed expansion would add to the capabilities of the bike park, furthering more skill development and provide additional opportunities for the community to come together. It would create a ‘practice field’ that would enable a K-8 youth mountain bike program that does not exist anywhere in the region. 

If the Park Districts approves the bike park expansion proposal, it enables Family FreeRide to start fundraising and writing grants to help pay for some of the project. 

If you support the Fair Oaks Bike Park Expansion please sign this letter of support. You are also encouraged to leave a comment about other features or amenities you would like to see at Phoenix Park or take our survey and get more information at

See last years proposal presentation on youtube: 


Support now
Signatures: 281Next Goal: 500
Support now
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