Decision Maker Response

Amy Klobuchar’s response

Jul 12, 2019 — Over the last few decades, we have made remarkable progress in the fight for equality—we stood up for what is right and we worked hard to make this a country where everyone can safely, proudly, and legally love who they love. Because it wasn’t that long ago that a person could be prosecuted for being gay, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was the law of the land, and states were permitted to deny LGBTQ+ couples the right to get married under the Defense of Marriage Act.

Even though we’ve come so far, we still have miles to go until LGBTQ+ Americans can live their lives with freedom, authenticity, and equality.

Because in some states, you can get married on Sunday and fired from your job on Monday because of who you love. That’s not right.

It’s not right when the Commander in Chief tells brave transgender Americans who want to serve and defend their country in our military that they are not welcome.

It’s not right that if you drive across the United States on a cross-country trip, the laws and protections could be different at every rest stop you make.

And it’s not right that this Administration is trying to take away the hard-won rights of our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters.

That’s why I was proud to cosponsor the bipartisan Equality Act the day it was introduced and am fighting to get it passed in the Senate. This bill, which already passed the House of Representatives, will go a long way to protect LGBTQ+ Americans from discrimination.

So once again, we need to come together—like we have before—to get this done. Thank you Taylor Swift for being a champion for this cause and standing with us on this journey towards true equality for all.

Let’s keep marching, keep advocating, and keep fighting.

Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)
U.S. Senator