Support the Demands of The Flatbush Residents Against Maxx Properties

Support the Demands of The Flatbush Residents Against Maxx Properties

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 Please FLOOD Maxx Properties At 914-899-8000 to demand that they IMMEDIATELY honor the 12 demands, make the repairs, remove ALL the mold in all 4 buildings. 

#StopMaxxProperties #WienerFamilyGreed #FlatbushResidentsAgainstMaxxProperties 

LIST OF DEMANDS FOR MAXX PROPERTIES from Flatbush Residents Against Maxx Properties as of 6/29/2022

From: Flatbush Residents Against Maxx Properties

Residents of 282 E. 35th St., 285 E. 35th St., 3400 Snyder Ave., 3500 Snyder Ave.

We know our rights as shareholders and tenants, and united together, under NYC and federal law we demand the following from Maxx Properties and its associated Corporations. Repairs for all outstanding work orders, repairs requested by email and phone, and every item that you have already been notified of must start immediately and be completed within 30 days. 

Furthermore, given that these are BUILDING WIDE ISSUES, we demand that Maxx Properties do a building-wide survey of  ALL RESIDENTS (versus asking for apartment numbers), to identify the nature and extent of ALL PROBLEMS LISTED BELOW. 

We demand that the survey should be completed by July 14, 2022 and that these repairs are resolved by July 29, 2022 


1. We have received multiple videos, pictures, and reports from residents about building-wide mold infestations. Elders and children are living with MOLD conditions that are LIFE-THREATENING and people’s health is being severely impacted to the point of repeated hospitalizations. We demand that Maxx immediately FIX ALL LEAKS (including replacing pipes wherever needed) in the walls, ceilings, bathrooms, as well as checking the roof and outer walls, as well as make sure radiators are properly adjusted. Maxx must then REMOVE ALL MOLD  including inside walls. These situations must be PERMANENTLY resolved, and continuously maintained thereafter. Maxx’s tactic of painting over mold is not an acceptable resolution and will not be tolerated further.  

2. RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION will not be tolerated. Long-time residents are concerned that newly vacated apartments are being renovated, while outstanding repairs in occupied units are being ignored. Many residents of all nationalities have reported observing that Maxx is more responsive to new and/or white residents’ service requests over requests for repairs made by  long-term residents of color. 

3. All contractors and employees will immediately CEASE AND DESIST all SEXUAL HARASSMENT toward residents. Contractors and employees found to be committing ANY type of harassment against residents must be TERMINATED immediately. 

4. THREATS, INTIMIDATION, AND LIES to pressure Residents to vacate their apartments, or to prevent heirs from establishing their residential right in their respective residence , MUST STOP. We have multiple reports of this happening. 

5. OVERCHARGING rent and illegal rent increases must STOP. Overcharges should be returned to tenants immediately. Rent stabilized tenants must get two-year leases.

6. These buildings are NOT FIRE SAFE. 
Immediately provide and install functional  smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for all apartments.
Repair all doors that are not self-closing.
Repair the fire escape at 282 East 35th street that does not slide down. 

7. Enough excuses about HEAT. All areas of all apartments must be HEATED to legally prescribed levels. 

8. Effective immediately all building proceedings are to be transparent and democratic to all residents.
Intimidation and bullying by Maxx Properties representatives on boards and their lawyers, must CEASE AND DESIST. 
Board meetings must be public. All votes must be taken publicly.  
Shareholder meetings must be public and tenants must be part of all discussion. 
A proposed budget must be circulated and discussed at a public meeting where all building residents have input, before being voted on. 
Shareholder meetings must be held regularly and more  frequently, such as at least every 6months.  
Board elections must be fully transparent and auditable by any resident. FRAUDULENT board elections must CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY. 
Meeting minutes for board meetings & shareholder meetings must be distributed to all residents under the door and posted publicly.  

9. RODENT, ROACH/WATERBUG, ANT, and BEDBUG infestations must be completely eradicated building-wide 
Residents demand a professional exterminator service that's easily identifiable by uniform and identification. 
Residents want a signup sheet posted in the lobby in order to choose a window of time that is most convenient for them.
Residents want a phone number for the exterminator in order to set up appointments if they are not available for the designated times.
Residents also want the exterminators to honor these appointment times. 

10. Residents must be treated with respect by Maxx Properties and all its employees including contractors. 
Contractors will arrange to work at a time that is convenient for the resident. 
Contractors will behave respectfully to residents and clean up after themselves.

11. Improve maintenance procedures at all buildings specifically: 
Halls and elevators must be clean and free of trash. 
A 24/7 emergency response system with access to a live representative must be provided to all residents who need IMMEDIATE attention in an emergency maintenance situation.

12. Install an accessible entryway with an automatic door at the ramp entrance to 285 E. 35th Street that is compliant with the Fair Housing Act, so that residents and their guests who require a mobility device, such as walkers and wheelchairs, can access and exit the building safely.



Adam Meyers, Esq, Director of Litigation, Communities Resist (CoRe)

Milagros Sandoval, MA, Director Of Organizing, Communities Resist (CoRe)



0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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