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Please contact the DC Council Members today and ask them to support the DC Health Care Exchange funding “as introduced” in the Budget Request Act. Per the Affordable Care Act, the District of Columbia has developed its own Healthcare Exchange to help individuals and small businesses attain affordable health insurance. The District’s Health Benefit Exchange is set to begin enrollment on October 1, 2013. In the absence of its own healthcare exchange, the District (like states that opt out of creating an exchange) would have to rely on a cookie-cutter federal healthcare exchange, which would likely not have all the consumer protections that the District’s exchange would. This is vitally important because the DC Health Exchange has trans-inclusive care language in it. Powerful forces trying to discredit the Affordable Care Act have gathered to defeat DC's health care exchange. If those folks are successful, we will lose local control over our health exchange, which means we could lose our battle to make sure Health Exchange-provided plans do not have trans exclusions.

Letter to
DC Council Phil Mendelson
DC Council David Grosso
DC Council Vincent Orange
and 11 others
DC Council David Catania
Support the DC Health Care Exchange in the Budget Request Act as introduced
DC Council Kenyan McDuffie
DC Council Marion Barry
DC Council Mary Cheh
DC Council Muriel Bowser
DC Council Yvette Alexander
DC Council Tommy Wells
DC Council Jack Evans
DC Council Jim Graham
DC Council Anita Bonds
I am a DC resident, and I want you to continue funding the DC Health Care Exchange in the Budget Request Act as introduced. Local control over the Health Care Exchange is vital to making sure the Exchange meets the needs of all community members, including transgender residents. Thank you for your time.

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