Support the Community's plans for a Mobility Greenway network in Toronto's northwest

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We must be able to comfortably access the local shops and services we rely on. Our local businesses need to be able to protect their livelihoods from lengthy construction disruption. Emergency services need a reliable pathway to bypass gridlock and save our lives. A wide, raingarden lined pathway - a Mobility Greenway - will be open for use as soon as each section is completed – years in advance of the Finch West LRT, now delayed to 2023.

Therefore, we are asking the Province of Ontario to work with us and direct Metrolinx to replace their plans for a small bike lane in the blind spot of trucks and tankers with a comfortable, separated and green mobility pathway next that would meet northwest Toronto’s personal and commercial needs.

The Our Greenway plan is:

  • The product of four years of community driven dialogue;
  • Creating the world’s first suburban roadside linear park – a 21-kilometer long network;
  • Supportive of range of personal and commercial mobility and electric assist devices;
  • Bringing the community 4 times closer together without needing transit or a motor vehicle;
  • Animating our underutilized spaces with unique parkettes;
  • Addressing our social isolation crisis by creating a network - connecting people to jobs, social opportunities and each other;
  • A safe and comfortable ‘green spine’ – designed for people of all ages and abilities, not hardy cyclists;
  • A mobility lifeline for businesses and young entrepreneurs, enabling easy customer access and less costly deliveries and services during and after LRT construction;
  • Protecting our property, roads and light rail investment from flooding;
  • Giving our Ambulance, Police and Fire Services a way to bypass gridlock;
  • Designed to ensure our communities are enjoyable in all seasons.

We have a once in a generation chance to maximize the Community Benefits that could come from the construction of the Finch West LRT. Join us in supporting the planned Mobility Greenway so that we can strengthen the work of charting a new path for Toronto’s suburbs.

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