Support Separate Food Waste Collection in the UK

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Support Separate Food Waste Collection in the UK

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Renewable Energy Association started this petition to HM Treasury and

Let's build new industry, reduce emissions, and improve energy security.

The UK produces a great deal of food waste. Only 10% of household food waste is currently captured and recycled and it is estimated that seven million tonnes from households ends up in landfill.

It’s not just homes that produce it, huge volumes are produced from restaurants, prisons, canteens, schools and hotels too.

Sending food waste to landfill means wasted resources. We are wasting an opportunity to produce green gas, to improve our soil quality, to create jobs and build a domestic low-carbon industry.

Organic waste left to decompose in landfill is harmful to the environment.  

As food waste decomposes in the landfill it releases potent greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, which is dangerously warming up our planet. It is also expensive for local authorities and councils who have to pay for landfill disposal costs.

Green Gas production is a brilliant technology: The food waste is digested by bacteria, which produces gas (that can heat our homes) and an organic fertiliser that reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.

Food and other organic wastes should be collected by local authorities separately! We need politicians to ensure this happens through good regulation.

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Scotland and Wales are doing it, and as of April 1st so is (to an extent) Northern Ireland.

Sign up to tell Government that we need UK-wide separate food waste collections.  


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This petition had 262 supporters