The dignity of Indigenous north africans matters (RIF, Moroccan)

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Tensions in Al-Hoceima Morocco have been simmering since October after the death of a fishmonger who was crushed inside a garbage truck while trying to retrieve fish confiscated by the police.

His death sparked anger against "Hogra," a colloquial Derija Arabic term for deprivation of dignity from official abuses or corruption, and prompted some of the biggest protests since Arab Spring-inspired demonstrations in 2011.

The response of the Government was insane, they have started kidnapping and arresting people with fast allegations... Nasser Zefzafi, the head of the grassroots Al-Hirak al-Shaabi, or Popular Movement, was taken into custody and transferred to Casablanca in inhumane way.

We have not seen yet any condemnation from the UN and international media coverage minimum, so we have decided to take actions and take this petition to the UN ourselves. 

Please help me by calling on the UN to demand that theMoroccan Government respects international conventions, respects the law and to release political prisoners immediately. 

Thank you, Anas Sallami