Support the bill to prohibit child labor in Nigeria!

Support the bill to prohibit child labor in Nigeria!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Alise Kazah

Child labor has been used in Nigeria since the 1980’s, when the first economic downturn began. Families and parents sent their children out to households to work as domestic maids and servants. However, that has lead to increase in violence and abuse incidents against children. 

The problem with Househelps and child labor

Children are often used as emotional punching bags for easily stressed adults and especially mothers. Women often take out aggression of children as a result of being unable to do so to their husband. Female children are even more vulnerable. They are susceptible to sexual abuse(rape) and harsher mistreatment due to sexism. They share the brunt of child labour abuse due to their gender and perceived inferiority.

Child labor is slavery. Child labor is child abuse. Child labor is a crime against human rights. 

Unfortunately, many people do not see anything wrong with doing this. We want to stop that by writing and sponsoring a policy memorandum to the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Our Goals:

  • Ban child maids/domestic labor
  • Implement an updated Child Rights Act.
  • Stop violence & abuse against Child Maids by sponsoring a rigid legislation
  • Implement Right to Education that ensures free and compulsory education for all children between ages 18
  • Stop involvement of children under age 16 in domestic labor through proper measurements.

Please,, help me and other people end child labor and abuse in Nigeria, once and for all. We will forever be grateful for your help.

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75 have signed. Let’s get to 100!