Electoral Gender Quota Laws for Australia: Demand a better Australia for Women and Girls

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                     Electoral Gender Quota Laws for Australia

We are seeking support from Australian members of Parliament and the Australian public to bring in Electoral Gender Quota Laws for Australia. 40 countries around the world benefit from having quotas.  Electoral Gender Quota Laws are one of the most effective change tools that can be used to increase women's representation in Parliament.

Women continue to face many barriers to entering politics because of existing discriminatory attitudes and sexist media coverage. The Workplace Gender Equality Agency has reported that it could take 30 years to achieve gender equality in Parliament. 

An increasing number of countries are currently introducing various types of gender quotas for public elections: In fact, half of the countries of the world today use some type of electoral quota for their parliament. 

The recent elections in South Australia in January 2018  (the only state in the country to never have had a female premier) shows the  dire need for change and legislation. In the election, Labor had 17 women running out of 46 in total — 36.9 per cent 

The Liberal Party had 11 women running out of 44 candidates — 25 per cent.  SA Best has five female candidates out of 21— 23.8 per cent. Since Federation, LNP has only had 24 female members compared to 385 male members. (Grattan,The Age, 16/5/18)

As it currently stands, the female representation of the Liberal Party is 19.8%, Labor is 44% and the Greens is 50%. 

     Australia needs and deserves a political class based on talent.

If men make up 50% of the talent pool, and 80% get elected then it is hardly based on talent. The Liberal Party demoted another female member recently and this does not send a positive message to the public or the world that Australia promotes gender equality. It is failing to do so, thereby failing all Australian women and girls.

We are seeking support from all Australian Parliamentarians to bring in legislation for gender quotas to stop the discrimination against women in politics and broader society.

Many democratic nations have these laws such as Sweden and Finland. The women and girls of Australia needs these laws now.

Ms Drude Dahlerup, Professor of Political Science, Stockholm, Sweden in her article 'Quotas' (International Idea Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance Gender Quotas Database, said 

"The use of quotas is increasingly influenced by international recommendations and from cross country inspiration..under certain conditions electoral gender quotas can lead to historical steps in women's political representation". 

Parliament and Australian companies and organisations are not boys clubs.

Please support #Electoral Gender Quota Laws for Australia movement.




Today: #GenderQuotaLaws for Australia. Demanding equality and diversity in our Parliament and Autstralian Organisations is counting on you

#GenderQuotaLaws for Australia. Demanding equality and diversity in our Parliament and Autstralian Organisations needs your help with “Support the Australian Electoral Gender Quota Laws Advocacy Group to see greater female representation in our Parliament's for a fairer and better world for Australia. Insist on your right to be represented.”. Join #GenderQuotaLaws for Australia. Demanding equality and diversity in our Parliament and Autstralian Organisations and 41 supporters today.