Support the amendments to CASR Part 101 (Sub 2kg Drones)

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There is indication that members of parliament will motion to disallow amendments to the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 101. The amendments allow sub 2kg drones for broader commercial use. This makes sense. Safety rules remain very strict, just as they should, but the old rules restricted the ability for the commercial UAS industry to safely expand. Farmers are one group that benefit greatly from the changes as they can now afford to use drones for their business.

The motion for dis-allowance wants to block beneficial regulations for the commercial industry by highlighting and exaggerating a few isolated incidents by a minority of hobby users to which the amended regulations do not apply.

It's clear that the motivation behind the misinformation and fear mongering by the proponents for the dis-allowance are largely motivated by economic self-interest; concerned about the increased competition for their businesses.

You can say no to misinformation and show your support for the amendments... Sign our petition and we'll deliver it to the decision makers. You can also ring your member for parliament and go online to help to bring some common sense to the discussion by talking about the facts and help us to promote the great benefits of the commercial UAS industry.

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