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Support the 4 Season Garden in Durban Road- to honour the families & lives lost through Miscarriage,Stillbirth and Newborn deaths in UK

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I’ll love you forever; I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be...

If someone ask you have children?.... We will always remember YOU!


It has been inspired in the loss we had, we noticed in hospital that about 1 in 4 pregnancies miscarry, which it is a number that is scarily increasing in the past few years. This means, that the number of women and parents, families, relatives affected for this, is a sadly a high volume of the local population in East Anglia. These statistics covers only our area, but I am sure it is higher within the whole country. 

About 30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. In the same study that found 22% of conceptions fail to implant, it was also found that 31% of pregnancies confirmed after implantation end in miscarriage. Mothers like myself, having the loss of a baby after so many expectancies can be devastating, even if in some cases they have children’s already, the grieve process can be stressful and some women do not grieve until a year after their loss because they must get focused in their other children’s.

We would like to propose the idea to create a mini Eden garden (respecting of course, the actual bushes and wildlife already existing in this place), as a little commemoration dedicated for and only all the little angels, the parents and their families, who suffered a miscarriage or a loss of a little child.

We believe in purposes, we believe in Hope, we believe in destiny but we also believe in Faith.

We ask for this little Garden, for all the mothers and parents, granddads and granny's which perhaps will need a little place where their hearts and tears could fly with their angels and for the ones who don't have a piece of land, where the ashes of the little angels can be placed and be properly respected. Where their mum’s and Dad’s know there is a bench where they can cry if they need to but be inspired and get strength whilst they enjoy the new life of their children in this four season’s garden there will be always life. Having the certainty that out of those ashes, beauty will rise.

These little angels did not manage to raise a voice to say goodbye, to say I love you, or to ask you for this.

But we understand the pain of these people and on their behalf we are standing asking you for your kind hand of help and to be the voice of those angels who have departed leaving in some hearts tiny fingerprints that will last forever.

“We are grieving, We are not contagious, We are not sad all the time, We laugh, We smile, We cry, We weep for being happy, We live, We talk, We feel, We come from every background, Different Languages, We are sad, we lost a baby, We are…Mums and Dads”


The petition is to Honour Life and to promote a healthy and solidarious environment within this community and this surrounding area can be a perfect enviroment for families and wildlife habitat.

Would you please empathize with this cause and help us?




Thank you very much in advance your your kind support and to stand and say : "I DO CARE" ...Your support means more than anything We can describe.

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