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Support Terry Achane: Help Terry Achane get his daughter back

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Terry Achane is an active duty Army Soldier. Within weeks of his reassignment to South Carolina, his wife left for Utah, gave birth to his daughter, and gave her up for adoption. He was not contacted nor was his consent ever given. There are many pages out there telling this story. Many speak of him "abandoning" his wife among other accusations. The judge found this and her to not be credible as there was much evidence contrary to her claims. There also seems to be the believe that although the judge did rule in SGT Achane favor and that his daughter be returned to him that this is over. Unfortunately, this is incorrect as the alleged adoptive parents are appealing and refusing to give her back to her father, believing they have the right to a child that is not theirs. A fact they knew of from the very beginning. This false adoption was done in the state of Utah where a fathers rights are basically nonexistent. There is also a petition here on Change.Org to try and stop Utah from allowing such adoptions or basically human trafficking. One thing I hope many people will remember is this man is an Army Soldier and communicating with spouses is not always easy more less a daily option, a fact I know of as I am a Soldiers wife. The worst part is Terry tried and she evaded him by many means for whatever reasons she justified to herself. This petition is not to bash anyone nor is it to make anyone look like a saint. This is about what is right, this is about a father getting his daughter back. Despite the believe that the Army will pay or represent a Soldier in a civil case is incorrect. So it is up to us to stop talking about how we support our Troops and actually show it! This is the link to Terry's Support Facebook page, it has a lot of factual information and updates, you can also do any donations through here. Any amount helps.  This is the link to his attorneys where you can also make ANY donation if possible. 

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