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Support Teaching Domestic Empowerment In American Public Schools

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We're putting band-aids on the wound called Domestic Abuse & Violence. That's what we do when we deal with shelters, therapy, rescues, victims, and survivors. Let's keep the band-aids coming because they're needed, but if we start teaching DA Awareness and Alternatives to Violence in our schools, then we can immunize our children and the future against this domestic cancer. Prevention is always better than intervention

Domestic abuse & violence isn't going to go away because of laws & jail. It will if we start teaching our children the tools that can prepare them to ward off this evil representation of someone's else's self-hate. Why should we continue to wait until they become traumatized adults? With a 80% chance of exposure domestic violence or abuse in their lives before 25 yrs old, the time to make them aware is now!

Abuse is a learned system of showing love. We may not be able to go into every relationship to give them awareness knowledge, but we can go into the schools and teach it. School is where, we on the outside of their lives, first see the ugly head of domestic abuse in our children. School is where we can stop society from helping to create more victims and abusers. School is where the battle lines should be drawn because we can't go into their houses and save them.

Alternatives to Violence.
Self-Parenting Techniques.
Inner Child Healing.
Anger Management.
Emotional Expression Practices.
Domestic violence & abuse Awareness role-modeling.
Conflict Resolution.
Problem solving Through Positive Collaboration.

This curriculum will build our children's self-esteem, give them a voice & tools, keep them from drugs & gangs, and fight domestic abuse.

Mommy! Can I go on my school's 5th grade field trip next week before Christmas? Huh? Please? It's free! The teacher for our new Domestic Abuse Awareness class is from here! She used to be in a shelter with her kids, just like we was. Can I go, Mommy? We are making things in class to give to the other kids in the shelter. Please Mommy!

5th grader runs home from school and screams into the house where they live. "Mommy! Could you help me with my homework? I have a test on Thursday. We have been studying "safety plans" when dealing with abuse. Mommy, do you have a safety plan for when we leave?

Daddy! Today my 5th grade teacher gave us a handouts on "Signs of an abuser" and "Inner child healing". On the school bus, I talked about it with Johnny and you know what Daddy? Johnny's mom is just like mommy. She get's real mean sometimes. Can we go and get some of that inner child healing stuff for mommy and Johnny's mom?

Guess what happened in school today? They taught us about alternatives to violence and we had fun role-playing. We got some pointers on conflict resolution and we role-played some more. It was fun! Billy the Bully started crying and telling us about the fights in his house. Then he apologized to everybody for being mean. We all gave him a group hug.

If we don't teach awareness in our schools at an early age, then we are looking at more and more domestic abuse and violence in our future. But we can save the future by taking a stand now.

The elderly are the most helpless in any DA situation. Unlike children or young adults, their options to leave are greatly reduced by their need for compassionate care. Their dependency on their abuser is total. If we teach our children, at a young age, the tools of DA Awareness and Alternatives to Violence, we get rewarded by youth that will end DA and who will have more respect for the elderly.

We must be diligent in this pursuit. We are asking society to participate in a future they can change. We are asking society to enable our children to save the lives of our children when they are no longer children.. We are asking society to take part in educating our children of DA so they don't become or fall prey to an abuser. Are we asking too much? I don't think so

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