Support students who are victims of Sexual Assault.

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With the recent uptake of students coming out about their Sexual Abuse from fellow students while attending a College within the Horowhenua District, we are calling for more support from the Staff at said education providers. WE DEMAND JUSTICE. 

Students put their trust into these staff members and are now requesting their support.

We are requesting that you.

-Provide more education and training to staff on how to deal with this, Especially upper management staff members(Deputy Principals, Guidance Counsellors, HODs, etc.) 

-Introduce more thorough education on consent into classes (Health, Assembly’s, etc).

-Introduce consequences for those found to be circulating child pornography ("Nudes"), Support victims of circulated "Nudes"

-Begin believing students when they open up about their Sexual Assault stories and make an effort to not shift the blame to the victims of Sexual Assault and Child Pornography.

-Investigate the Allegations against students who are predators to be greatly improved. And take into account past allegations and past actions, no longer their education history.

Take action PLEASE.

We are in no way saying that it is unsafe to have your child enrolled at any of the schools, they all provide amazing education and culture into the lives of their students. Each school is safe and a nurturing environment to send your child.

We are strictly aiming for the support of victims of Sexual Assault, consequences to be laid out for Sexual Abusers and for more education around Sexual Assault.

Survivors of Sexual Assault are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide than those who are not Survivors. Survivors are our friends, family, neighbours and classmates, please sign the petition to help us be heard.<3

(In no way are we affiliated with Horowhenua College, Waiopehu College or Manawatu College.)