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Support Stuart McCann to be our Labour Parliamentary Candidate in South Thanet

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We are a group of Labour Party members in Thanet who wish to support Stuart McCann to be our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for South Thanet Labour Party. 

See Stuart's statement below and please sign our petition to show your support for his nomination.
Paula Erol, Ian Venables, Christine Tongue, Graham Bash, Candy Gregory, Liz Milne and Norman Thomas

Dear friends, colleagues and comrades.

"As some of you may know, I was approached a while back by a number of local Labour Party members asking if I would consider putting myself forward as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for South Thanet Labour Party. 

I have thought long and hard about it, and after speaking to a number of close comrades, I have decided to apply to stand.

I am a passionate trade unionist committed to fighting injustice and inequality in the workplace and society in general.

I think it is time to start electing MP's who come from real life, have real jobs and who understand what it's really like living on a low wage in austerity Tory Britain.
Too many of our elected representatives come straight from University to a career in politics with little or no experience of the outside world.

I am proud to be a socialist. I believe in the policies that Labour has adopted under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership and believe we can achieve a fairer, more equal society with a Labour Government who will govern in the interests of the many - not the few. 

We need to save our beloved NHS. It must be fully funded from the public purse and not be just another part of the market for private industry.

We need a £10 minimum wage.

We need to invest in social care. It needs to be free and accessible, so that people are treated with dignity and care according to their needs, not their ability to pay.  

We need to end the scourge of zero hour contracts.

We need to build homes fit and affordable for all, hundreds of thousands of council houses and introduce rent caps and secure tenancies in the private sector.

We need to ensure all our children receive an excellent education - not just the selected few.

We need to stop supporting the US in their endless wars and stop selling arms to countries such as Saudi Arabia who are using them to bomb people in Yemen.

We need to invest in our infrastructure so British industry can thrive in the post-Brexit economy.

We need to bring our railways and utilities back under public control.

We need a Labour Government  - and we need it now.

I hope I can count on your support."

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