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Every eight seconds, another American turns 65 years old. Seven out of ten seniors will need care at some point in their lives, for an average of three years each. All of us knows or loves someone who will need care. But too many of us will find that the care we need is out of reach.

Our country has no comprehensive plan to support seniors, people with disabilities, and their families as they try to find the dignified, quality care we all deserve. States are leading the way in developing plans to ensure aging residents and their caregivers receive all the care and support they need. That's why Caring Across Generations is working with Congress on a bold plan that will ensure states have the resources to develop innovative ways to let their residents age with dignity, independence, and choice. For the overwhelming majority of us, that includes being able to stay at home.

Care is an issue that affects us all. And we can—and must—do better.

Your signature on this petition will show Congress that there is a movement of people who care about making sure everyone gets the support they need as they age—and that the people providing this invaluable support are treated equally with dignity and respect. Signing this petition will provide us with the momentum to line up the early Congressional supporters we need to make this push successful.

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States from Maine to Washington and from Hawaii to Ohio are experimenting with ways to ensure that aging Americans receive the quality, dignified care that they deserve.

Our country needs to find solutions quickly. Every eight seconds, another American turns 65. Seven out of ten of all seniors will need care at some point in their lives — and they'll need it for an average of three years each. We simply don't have the capacity to provide that kind of care under our current system.

There is no clear-cut solution to this crisis, which is why it's important to let states lead the way. They're experimenting with community-based care, job training for care workers, and everything in between. Federal support will help them scale up their efforts and find innovative solutions that work.

Please lend your support to upcoming plans to help states care for their aging populations.

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