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Support SPC Kyle Sebring

Prevent an honorable, decorated combat soldier from being unjustly stripped of his rank, his deserved pay and all future military benefits (education, medical); prevent future mistreatment of American soldiers injured during combat.

Kyle Sebring is a United States Army soldier who has served two tours in Afghanistan. SPC Sebring, is a wounded warrior, suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Chronic Kidney Problems that began as a result of his first deployment. His military Lieutenant Colonel is pursuing to dishonorably discharge this warrior for an event directly related to, and caused by his scars of war.

SPC Sebring was admitted to a German hospital where he was being treated for Kidney stones. His anti-depressants were withheld by his commanding officers, he was in a great deal of pain, and was under the influence of heavy IV pain killers. Additionally, SPC Sebring was given medical advice from two German doctors to drink a few beers to help pass the stones. Drinking the two beers at the hospital was the last thing SPC Sebring remembered. SPC Sebring blacked-out and left the hospital during a PTSD related flashback. As a result of this incident, he is being charged with misconduct and a Chapter 14 Discharge for, “leaving his place of duty.”  (His place of duty was the hospital.)

SPC Kyle Sebring has already been unjustly demoted in rank and therefore salary, as a result. He had to pay fines for his so-called 'misconduct'. He has also been repeatedly denied medical care by his unit and has been forced to seek civilian medical attention on numerous occasions. Sebring faces harassment on a daily basis from members of his unit. A Chapter 14 Discharge would eliminate all benefits he has worked for and deserves, such as furthering his education and his medical (VA) benefits.

SPC Sebring’s medical doctors believe he should be honorably-medically separated from the United States Army due to the severity of his combat related medical problems.

SPC Kyle Sebring has selflessly served his country since September 2006. He has served with honor, integrity and valor, receiving multiple awards and commendations for his service. In exchange for his dedication, Sebring deserves to be restored to his proper rank of 'Specialist E-4 Promotable'. He deserves to be reimbursed for lost wages and unjustly imposed fines. He deserves to receive prompt and appropriate medical attention when needed for his combat-caused medical problems. He deserves to further his education and continue to receive medical treatment after seperation for the Army. He deserves to heal, both physically and mentally, from the wounds of war.

SPC Kyle Sebring deserves to be honorably discharged.


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