Family dynamics have changed drastically over time. Because of high divorce rates and blended families, no longer are half-siblings or step-siblings, for that matter, an unusual circumstance. Each case is unique. My daughter was killed by a drunk driver in 2007. She left behind half-siblings 3 months old and 3 years old at the time of her death. One father is adamant about these sisters growing up knowing one another while communication and negotiation for visits with the other father has been very difficult to say the least and now non-existent. NO ONE from her mother's family is allowed to visit or bring her sister to see her and NO communication (phone calls, etc) is allowed for the sisters. These babies have not shared one day together, one mealtime, bath time or one bedtime, or any "normal" experiences sisters should since their mother was taken from them.  After there was no communication or visits for over 5 months I decided to start this petition. I felt I had no choice but to speak out. There were visits allowed shortly after their mother's death but they became more and more limited and restricted as time passed to the point that now they have not seen each other in over 6 years. They are not even allowed to talk on the phone. These children have suffered the greatest loss a child could in losing their mother at such a young age. Now they are suffering the next greatest loss a child could in losing one another. Their story needs to be heard and others alike. They are innocent victims. They do not understand why they are being kept apart. Their psychological well-being should be placed above all else. This is their God-given birth right. Florida has no Grandparent rights to visitation which is why I am focusing on Sibling Rights. Help these girls and others in similar circumstances. Ask our legislators to put statutes in place supporting Sibling Rights to Visitation in order for cases such as theirs to be heard in a court of law in hopes that SET visitation can be established and their growing up together as sisters ASSURED.

Please let the children's voices be heard!

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Next to the parent-child relationship, sibling bonds are the closest a child can know . All too often, these bonds are severed after a divorce or the death of a parent. Siblings possess a fundamental constitutional right to maintain relationships with one another, and the right of siblings to associate with one another is equal to the right of parents to rear their children.

What right could be more basic, more precious than that of sharing life experiences with one's own brother or sister? Surely, nothing can equal or replace either the emotional and biological bonds which exist between siblings, or the memories or trials and tribulations endured together, and the sharing of secrets, fears, and dreams. To be able to establish and nurture such a relationship is, without question, a natural, inalienable right which is bestowed upon one merely by virtue of birth into the same family. Too many children are suffering the loss of family dear to them as a result of choices others make and a lack of legislation to protect THEIR rights.

These children should be able to continue their relationships. It's time that Florida and other States as well, give a voice to siblings who have been separated - children of broken homes, blended families, children who have lost a parent, children in foster care - children separated through no fault of their own. Their bonds are REAL and do not end because of the decisions of the adults in the situation. Sibling bonds are the closest one can know besides that of their Mother and Father.

In this day, half-siblings and step-siblings are no longer a rarity. Please let the voices of these children be heard! We are only asking for the opportunity to present cases in a court of law for set visitation. Before we can do that, we need a statute set by a legislator. We want the psychological well-being of these children put first. Please put statutes in place supporting Sibling Rights to Visitation in hopes that SET visitation can be ASSURED.

Thank you.

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