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Sherelle Cadogan is an Instructor Operator on London Underground, a founding member of Transport Friends and Family Association and a member of the Leadership Committee of the TfL Race Staff Network Group.


Recently a manager posted racist comments on a social media site. Sherelle Cadogan and others rightly challenged this manager and bravely stood up to her.


The manager was subsequently reported to TfL for her racist comments. Realising that disciplinary action was imminent the manager then made a counter-complaint for having her views challenged by Sherelle and the others.


The sequence of events that followed are shameful. LU saw fit to send Sherelle to a Company Disciplinary Investigation (CDI) where she was given a 12-month suspended dismissal for standing up to a racist.


This sends out a clear and disturbing message that LU are not prepared to stand up for those who challenge racism and if you or anyone has the courage to challenge those who make racist comments, there is a real risk it will be you that could end up losing your job.


This will ultimately make people fearful in the future in challenging or standing up to racism. This is not something anyone of us should stand by and let happen.


Sherelle has spent her whole career fighting for equality across the board. I kindly  ask you to sign this petition to be presented at Sherelle’s appeal. By signing this petition we will be sending out a clear message to LU that Sherelle’s CDI decision should be overturned, all charges thrown out and  that we won’t accept a process where those that challenge any form of racism shall then find themselves being subject to disciplinary action.