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Allah سبحانه وتعالى mentions in the Quran 

"God bears witness that there is no god but Him, as do the angels and those who have knowledge ..." 3:18

Recently, it has come to the attention of the community that there are to be changes to GCLEA's staffing in the coming days. We are saddened and shocked to hear that Sheikh Rashid has been asked to leave and that his services will be discontinued. 

Imam Rashid has been the very example of a witness for God, with his love for God's book, and its people. He has been a father, brother, and mentor for both the young and old in our community. Even more, he has changed the lives of the youth by connecting them with the Masjid and with God's book. Besides generating a significant amount of revenue and rapport through QARI, Imam Rashid has also gone out of his way to discover and mentor talented individuals within the community who were otherwise ignored. These individuals serve GCLEA both now, and in the future, and keep the institution vibrant. Finally, Imam Rashid has dedicated himself towards the youth and has played an instrumental role in bringing Young Muslims (YM) halaqas to GCLEA. A teacher is known by his students and those he has had an impact over. Imam Rashid has sacrificed his time and energy to be a guiding force for his students, and for anyone that should want to benefit from him.

His possible departure greatly affects us, our children, and the very future of GCLEA. It is our duty as members of the community to acknowledge if we have benefitted from his company, his teaching, and his encouragement so that we may present his value adequately to those who may doubt. We hope this petition will give pause to the decision being made and spark a conversation that will take into account the input from the community so that the right decision - for GCLEA, and for the community - can be made. Additionally, we hope this petition will encourage a more transparent decision-making process by the leadership.

It is with this intention that we ask you to sign this petition in support of Imam Rashid and his Quran program QARI. Please show your support.

Barakallah Feekum. 

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