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The Port of Oakland has a $37 million surplus, but refuse to bargain fairly with their workers. They are playing games, and lying to workers. We need to fight for good jobs and collective bargaining rights in Oakland!

Letter to
President and Commissioners, Port of Oakland President Gilda Gonzales and Port Commissioners
The Port of Oakland should set the standard for good jobs in our region. Unfortunately, Port executives continue to demand wage cuts and concessions from their workers while they sit on an enviable surplus. This undermines the community's need for good jobs in a sustainable and growing economy.

Port executives have illegally withheld vital information related to SEIU Local 1021’s contract bargaining. They are threatening to impose economic concessions at a time when there is clearly no need. At the end of the fiscal year 2012, the Port ended with a staggering $37 million surplus.

I stand with Port Workers in their demand for better financial reform and oversight of public funds and for a fair contract. Media investigations reveal that top Port officials have been misusing public funds – including $1,000 golf outings, $4,500 at a strip club in Houston and $500 at a business suspected as a front for prostitution.

I call on Ms. Gonzales and the rest of the Board of Port Commissioners to do the right thing by holding management accountable, implementing better financial reform, treating port workers with respect, and negotiating a fair contract.

I sanction the Port Workers’ Unfair Labor Practice strike, and stand by them in their fight to maintain good jobs at the Port of Oakland.