Support Salman Khan#

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Dear All,

My name is Dhanashree Korgaonkar,This petition is to support Salman Khan. It is a humble request to all to support Bhaijaan not because we are his fan but support him for the good human he is. We all know he has made crime  we cannot deny that, but everyone should be given a chance to improve. We also cant deny the fact that he has helped number of needy & poor people in the country. He has his own charity foundation as well. The foundation performs many charitable activities. It funds the education of 200 children at the Akshara High School in Mumbai and another 300 through Aseema, a Mumbai-based non-profit. The foundation supports the VEER Initiative, a program to train differently-abled people. The NGO has adopted several villages in Maharashtra and outside the state, reports PTI. The organisation apparently helps the underprivileged children across India to get better education. Salman promotes Being Human in a big way as he frequently wears T-shirts of the brand. He has also launched the brand's store in Mumbai. Salman Khan has become a Robin Hood and he also provides medical aid to the industry workers and the less fortunate ones.

Thousands of Rapist & Corrupt leaders are roaming free in India, And a man who is saving 5 lives daily is going behind the bars. We respect the laws & regulations of the country.A Criminal should be punished. But the tenure of punishment which Salman Khan is given is too high, Atleast that should be reduced.

I dont know you are his fan or no, but support him for a good human being he is.I dont know how much this email petition can help, But atleast we can try.

Do support Salman Khan. Kind request to all Indians.