Decision Maker Response

Darrell Steinberg’s response

Nov 18, 2013 — Thank you for communicating your concerns regarding University of California (UC) Medical Centers. I understand that you are concerned that UC Medical Centers are understaffed resulting in safety violations and lack of adequate treatment for patients.

The safety of my constituents and the welfare of California’s health care system are top priorities of mine. It is unacceptable that patients are withheld proper treatment due to lack of staffing and I support full investigations into each of these matters to fix this problem. Earlier this year, Senator Richard Roth introduced SB 21 which will allow UC Riverside to develop its own medical program to train more physicians to become part of California’s health care system. In recent years, the number of health care patients has been steadily increasing while the number of physicians has not been able to keep up with this trend. SB 21 is a major step in closing this widening-gap which is why I voted in favor of this bill on the Senate Floor on August 22, 2013. SB 21 was passed by a bipartisan majority in both houses of the Legislature on August 22, 2013 and signed into law by the Governor on September 9, 2013.

Additionally, the Governor’s proposed budget plan for 2013-14 provides a reasonable blueprint for California to maintain our fiscal balance, preserve our state’s essential services and pay down the debt accumulated over the past several years. Our economy is clearly, though slowly, recovering from the Great Recession. Already this year, tax receipts are exceeding expectations. The pressure to quickly restore all the cuts we’ve made over the past several years will be intense. Under the Governor’s budget plan, the UC system was granted a 5% appropriation increase for 2013-14. However, the allocation of these funds is determined by the UC Board of Regents, thus I recommend you contact them with additional questions and concerns at:

Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Regents
1111 Franklin St.,12th floor
Oakland, CA 94607
fax: (510) 987-9224

You can read more about the status, history, and analysis of this and other bills online at . While you are online, please check out my website,, to learn of community events and other issues in which I am involved.

Please continue to express your views to me so I may best represent you in the state Senate. If you need my assistance or have concerns about any other matter, please do not hesitate to call my office at (916) 651-1529, or email


President pro Tempore
6th Senate District