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I spoke to the rpme admins and they told me appreciate the suggestion of getting a poc/urban site. However, if we could get them to see that this is what many people want, even if they don't use a poc themselves, then we can probably get it. Every signature counts. 

This change will really create a huge impact on poc ( people of color ) being able to express their creativity. Right now, our community currently do not have any right/feel like we can express that on here. We deal with racism on a constant basis on here (roleplayer.me) and it makes us extremely uncomfortable. People won't even fill our roles or write with us because we decided to use someone who is not white, but a black person/minority. We would just like to have a place like the Asian community do where they express themselves around their own culture. The minute we talk about black rights, lack of poc on the site and how we're losing our muse because of it, people are ready to jump down our throats because of us expressing the way that we genuinely feel.

Creators should be all about giving the community what it is that they want and this is what the community wants. We care about our culture, we care about expressing our creativity to be able to write and tell the stories that we want. Roleplayer.me asks us to vote monthly. How could we vote that it's the best site to express our creativity when the poc/urban community playbys on roleplayer.me are so mistreated on here. With this site, we'd able to put our creativity to the works and not have to worry about being judged or not spoken to because of the color of the skin of the actor, singer, rapper or dancer that we decide to use.

The Asian community got their own site. I've talked to many people and they are not aware that the Asian community have their own site. Yes, the Asian community do and it is called Asian Roleplay. I spoke to someone on there, as well as the RP Admin, and was informed that this site is real and was given to them because they felt uncomfortable. Why would you want to be the reason someone's muse ends because of them feeling like they can't be themselves on here because of their skin color in rl or their playby skin color. Some people may think this creates more diversity but this, creates happiness. This creates a place where we can feel comfortable on the internet and write out our muse and not spoken to in a condescending manner all because of the face that we use being black, Hispanic or even Indian. And for those worried that they won't be able to search for a poc face because of the site? You still will. Trust me. But this site is for us to feel comfortable, roleplay who we want freely and not feel judged. Give the poc/urban community their own site. We just ask that it's exactly like the Asianroleplay and roleplayer.me sites so we can know the format. This is what we want as a community.  Many of you want the same thing, so I already know you're going to sign. But to the people that's tired of hearing about it, tired of us talking about it, sign also. Why? Because if we get this site, you'll never have to hear about us complain about it again. You can sign anonymously, where the only person that knows you signed is you. Indian, black, white, Asian, etc. Every signature is equal and counted. Send the link around and share with your friends. Every signature counts.