Psyonix Supports bullying and harassment.

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A lot of members including myself are being bullied and harassed in the steam rocket league forums. Specially by one user named jacobthepigeon. I have been banned for the stupidest reason while other there do not for the same reasons. You do not need to take my word as I have plenty of people to back it up but you can also read through the first few pages of the forum and you will see right away what is happening. Long story short i go to forums for answers not see the same people trolling topics to get their 2 cents in and not give any real advice on the topic.

I have contacted psyonix about the abuse i received from the forum mods and wanna be forum mods and to this day they have done nothing therefore standing their ground on supporting the steam bullying and harassment.  

april 12th update.

So a Mr davin conners community manager for psyonix has contacted me today and in not so many words but basically supports bullying and harassment. I have the email conversation saved for anyone to see.