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End Roblox Dating Now

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This post WILL be long, and if you're under aged you might not wanna read this. 

We are the Online Dater Police Agency, committed to ending online dating due to how dangerous it is, however, we have to concentrate on one place first: Roblox

Here's what we have to say:

Online Dating on Roblox has been a huge problem, at first, you might think it's just a friendly roleplay, but it's not! It has it has a darker secret, a pedophile or a child predator could be dating you or your son. We highly recommend observing your child for a full day when he is playing roblox, if you don't see anything wierd, just let him or her be, just tell your child about this problem, however, there are people who ask to be "sex slaves", who like to be abused, licked, rubbed, etc. There are also people who sex roleplay, this is bad too. They also sex in games, such as Meep City, Roleplaying Games, Robloxian WaterPark, etc. However, someone owns this platform. The CEO of Roblox, but he isn't doing anything about it, we have a simple explanation, Money. OD'ers (online daters) but loads of robux to look "cool" or "hot", that's why Roblox does nothing. If Roblox bans them, they will stop buying robux. We see ourselves as the people who can stop this, you can join us, just ask to join on this link

you can also join ODPD Reinforcements, but you'll be interviewed, you MUST be active if you want to join ODPD or ODPD Reinforcements, most of our members are not active and that's why we are hiring, please get us to the max votes. Also, contact me for questions or join, but most important, telling us the location of the Roblox HQ, we can start a protest or a riot at their building. Our Email is

Join us, Make a difference.

Official OD'er Police Department Agency

"Striving For Online Safety"

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