Support Recovery Coaches working in the court houses to save lives from SUD

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In our community everyone knows someone or is related to someone that has struggled with substance use disorder or has lost their lives battling from this disease. Having access to recovery coaches in the court systems for individuals struggling from substance abuse would be highly beneficial. Especially for those that are being sectioned by family or loved ones, those that are unwilling to save their own lives, a recovery coach can give them the support and loyalty they need. 

As a women in long term recovery had I had a recovery coach that had the knowledge of my experiences, understanding of my situation and provided the mutual support that I needed when going through the court systems to represent myself the process would’ve been less painful and stressful for myself and my family. Through my struggles with drug addiction I’ve lived an 11 year nightmare I wouldn’t want anyone to have to live such a painful life, and now as a recovery coach and a woman that lived the life of drug abuse, now I can provide the support, encouragement and knowledge through my experience to other individuals going through their own struggles with substance abuse. The people to have survived and now in recovery, can now reveal the other side of addiction and provide the other side of the experience through their own. We provide a different perspective of the epidemic as only those that suffered from this disease can understand. Recovery Coaches would be extremely beneficial to the courts and probation departments to have someone there for another person that obviously needs help, support and resources for those being sectioned, individuals on supervised probation with random drug screens, also for those with constant drug charges, and for ones with a record of arrests for drugs and is active in addiction.The court would save just one more life and one less cell to fill.

As drug addiction is seen in a wider spectrum and the deaths it has caused, have been affecting closer to home, the people with the disease of addiction deserve the right to a recovery coach, that the courts should have at their disposal. Just as much as the courts have access to psychiatrists, interpreters and advocates at their disposal. Many families don't have the support and resources to get the help they need for their suffering loved one's. A Recovery Coach in hand will have all the support, necessary resources and contacts to get the help they need as agreed by the court.

Should this petition not make this highly needed change we believe the one's struggling and their families deserve, the number of deaths will increase more than they already have and continue to affect communities, families, children and everyone around. For us to sit back and watch knowing we can make a change is unfair to the individuals with this life threatening disease and their family members. Parents, siblings, children and friends that will have to bury their loved one tomorrow because they didn't have access to the help and support they needed.

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