Support Providing Free Menstrual Products in Washington Public Schools

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Friday, January 17th was the senate committee hearing for our Bill SB 6073. If it passes in the senate, the bill will move to the house and will still need support! This bill mandates that public schools serving grades 6-12 in Washington State provide free tampons and pads in all girls and gender-neutral bathrooms. Nearly one in five girls in America have left school early or missed school entirely due to not having access to these products. The change this bill provides is imperative for both gender and socioeconomic equality in education. This bill is authored by Senator Manka Dhingra and is co-sponsored by 18 other state representatives with bipartisan support. To urge them to continue fighting for this bill and to encourage remaining representatives to vote in our favor, please sign this petition. If this bill passes, starting the 2021-2022 school year, tampons and pads will be free in public school bathrooms and menstruation will no longer be a barrier to receiving education in Washington.