Support Protected Bike Lanes and Bus Lanes in the 1st Ward

Support Protected Bike Lanes and Bus Lanes in the 1st Ward

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Alderman, Ward 1 Daniel La Spata

Why this petition matters

Citizens in Chicago's First Ward recently voted to add a two-way protected bike lane to Wood Street, and to repaint a bus online lane along Chicago Ave. We support these changes to make our city streets safer.

These infrastructure changes were also supported by many citizens in the participatory budgeting process. Despite this public support, there have been two petitions that opposed these changes (petition 1, petition 2).

Both petitions claim that adding protected bike lanes to Wood Street worsen traffic and make the street less safe. The second petition also makes several claims that bus lanes will increase traffic.

Simply put, the claims made by these other petitions do not make sense, and do not reflect the values that Chicago Alderpeople should consider when making infrastructure changes.

There is ample evidence showing that barrier protected bike lanes are safer than having bikes share the road with cars. It is common sense that building a protected barrier will make it more difficult for a driver to hit a cyclist.

The claims about traffic also are not based in fact. The number of cars and car trips in a city are not set in stone. People choose to drive or take other modes of transit based on a number of factors. If some parking is removed on Wood Street or Chicago Ave to build alternative infrastructure, some drivers may choose to bike or take the bus more. These infrastructure changes will induce less traffic, not more, because they create viable alternatives to getting around by car.

Finally, these petitions are not in line with the values that Chicago should use in planning public spaces. Protected bike lanes and bus lanes are accessible to everyone, regardless of ability or financial status. They enable people to get around their neighborhoods easily and safely. The city should be promoting equitable infrastructure like buses and bikes, instead of creating infrastructure that only people who have the ability and funds to buy a car can use. 

We encourage Alderman La Spata to continue with the changes that his constituents voted for. These changes are so important to protect vulnerable road users, and ensure that people who rely on transit can get around quickly and safely. We want Alderman La Spata (and all of Chicago's Alderpeople) to know that these changes are supported by a cross section of our city's population. 

45 have signed. Let’s get to 50!