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Support Plastic-Free Shipping & More Sustainable Alternatives

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With the increased use and power of technology, people are able to communicate, share, sell, and purchase products globally. Now more than ever, we as consumers need to be conscientious of the effects of our choices.
Online shopping is becoming more popular now than ever, and with this the use of shipping and delivery increases as well.

Speaking as a consumer and a supporter of many online businesses, I hope these companies who provide goods and services will explore shipping alternatives that are plastic-free for the good of the environment.
It is worrisome to order a small item online and see it arrive in excess plastic packaging.

This was brought to my attention when a small business owner wrote about the materials used in their packaging: recycled paper tape, tissue paper, cardboard, and other forms of paper.
These materials are entirely possible to be used in shipping and packaging- and they keep items just as safe, if not safer than the plastic packaging that many companies use.
This will make a huge difference for our world and our environment.

Every person’s garbage adds up, and as online shopping increases, our waste also increases.

Shipping companies can offer these paper alternatives to their clients. Online companies that host small business owners and sellers can offer these suggestions to their users.
At the end of the day, this would be the decision of the business owners themselves, but as I customer I would feel more confident in shopping at and supporting a business that offers this shipping & packaging alternative.

Having an option available during checkout, offering incentives to businesses, or having sellers post this information in their description or product page would give consumers the ability to make environmentally conscious choices. 
This is a valuable alternative to explore and an important change to look into. This will reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic being used and being introduced into landfills and our environment. 

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