Support people in Lebanon after Beirut explosion

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Many of my friends and their family members that live in Beirut were affected when a surprise explosion on August 4th tore apart buildings, killing and injuring many people. Lebanon now really needs help to get through this.

We don’t know how many have died and those that have survived are afraid. Hospitals are full, the country’s grain reserves were destroyed and parts of the city are in ruins.

We need this to reach each and every Government and anyone who can make a change and help right the wrong that has broken many innocent people.

We urgently need the Governments around the world to commit to sending funds and resources to:

  • help with the search and rescue effort
  • treat survivors
  • help rebuild the city.

Please share and sign this petition to call on Boris Johnson along with leaders of other governments to send funds and resources now and do all you in your power to make sure these people get the help they need to survive. 

- Harry, 14

PS - Also to support, you could donate to charities like the Red Cross and help even more people, thank you for reading this, I hope that you sign.