SUPPORT Pastor Wes Feltner & STOP progressive "ChurchToo" saboteurs!

The Bible is full of great people who have a past riddled with questionable behavior and decisions. From murder, to adultery, to denying Christ and so on.. A church who turns their back on a man who God has placed in their charge has to ask themselves would they have turned their backs on Moses, David, Paul, Matthew, Peter, and others... The right thing is not always the most popular, the right thing is not determined by perception, the right thing is not always the less controversial, the right thing only lies in the Will of God. The strength of a church does not come from the man at the pulpit it comes from the God who, knowing all, placed that man at the pulpit and has used him to reach the masses. Do not let fear, but rather faith, derive Gods will.

Kyle Bronowski, United States
2 years ago
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