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Support Parental Rights - Oppose Smacking Ban

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The Scottish Government has stated it wishes to ban parents from being able to smack their own children. 

We, the undersigned, believe that it is a parents right to choose how to educate and discipline their child - as they see fit and free from state interference - within the parameters of current law.

  • Effective legislation to prevent child abuse is already in place in Scotland.
  • Banning parents from being able to discipline their child with a smack therefore only risks criminalising good parents, who are simply doing their best to educate their child.
  • The proposed ban also risks Social Services, Police and the Courts (all of whom are over-stretched) having to waste time investigating good parents for the offence of disciplining their child, rather than focussing on child abuse and neglect.
  • Parents, and foster parents, could be subject to twelve hours of detention and questions if their child makes, even an unfounded, an allegation of being smacked. 
  • Children are not treated as adults for the simple reason that they are not adults. The parent/child relationship is special and unique. It is not the role of a parent to be the child's friend.
  • It is no coincidence that in the decades since corporal punishment in schools was banned, pupil behaviour has worsened. Teachers now face a higher than ever risk of assault from unruly pupils. This proposed ban further weakens parental discipline and reinforces the view held by many that young people can act however they wish, without fear of consequence. 

If this legislation goes ahead good parents will be left worrying if they will be reported by neighbours or strangers for simply doing their best job at bringing up a disciplined, respectful, well-rounded, well-educated young person.

We, the undersigned, call on our elected MSPs and the Justice Secretary to stop this unwanted, unnecessary piece of legislation.

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