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Support Pacific Grove's Short-Term Rentals!

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Please don't allow the voices of a few to speak for our entire community. Pacific Grove is seen as a pioneer on setting a positive example for the rest of Monterey County, showing that Short-Term Rentals can work. Short-Term Rentals contribute to our business community the much needed income that allows them to remain in business. Last year over $1,000,000 was collected in Transient Occupancy Tax revenue that makes our city sustainable.

Short-Term Rentals allow for affordable Vacation Rental options for families. The Coastal Commission has reached out to all Coastal Communities and issued a ruling that Short-Term Rentals cannot be banned. Those who are against them are suggesting that they are only in favor if the owners live on the property. This is not possible for most of the Short-Term Rental owners. Currently there are only 10 Type-C permits with owners living on property out of 272 permits. Those who are against them use the excuse that STRs are responsible for the loss of affordable housing and long-term rental options. This is simply not the case and the statistics speak for themselves (see below).

Here are just a few statistics: *US Census Bureau, 2011-2015

-There are 8,411 dwelling units in Pacific Grove.

-19% of the dwellings are vacant.-81% are occupied

-52% of the total dwellings are rental units

-3,780 (45%) are second homes 

-Only 3.2% of these are short-term rentals.

The bigger issue is that 42% are second homes that are not rented out long or short-term. The 3.2% that do rent on a short-term basis make a significant positive economic contribution to our town. Most of the homeowners who rent their homes as short-term rentals reinvest the income into their home and neighborhood by upgrading them. They count on the income to pay their mortgage, taxes and insurance and many plan to retire here one day. If short-term rentals are eliminated or more restrictions are placed on them, this will create a hardship for many of our homeowners and they will be forced to sell their homes.

Visit (Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance) for more information about suggested changes to protect both short-term rentals and our neighborhoods.

Please sign this petition to support the sustainability of Pacific Grove and be a town that allows families to come and enjoy this beautiful that we are so blessed to live in.

There is another group on who are circulating a petition that does not provide a balanced or accurate reporting of short-term rentals and want to see STRs eliminated all together. We need to provide balance and fairness. We need your voice!!

Opposition petition link to see what they are saying. Please do not sign this one!!

 Thank you in advance for your support!

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