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Support Our Initiative – Technology for Better Future of Our Children

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Tamasorma jyotirgamaya… (Transcend from darkness to enlightenment)

It is a fact that internet has entered every aspect of our lives through various devices starting from computers, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs, smart watches and what not. Even our children are not untouched by the magical world of the internet. They watch videos, they read, they download and play games. They learn and do things on the internet and some of those things are not really what you and I want them to learn or do. Needless to say that this pervasion of internet, for good and for bad, is irreversible.

Reports of kids spending long hours plying games on gadgets or doing other stuffs on the internet rather than playing outdoors and, as a result, developing myriads of problems ranging from ophthalmic (eye) problems to weird behavioral issues do worry me the same way as any other parent. But what sends shiver down my spine are the news of kids dying of fatigue because of playing online games for days without any break, of kids planning and executing crimes like criminal masterminds using information from the internet, of kids committing suicide to win a mobile game… the list is awfully long!

I do not want any of this to happen to my child. I don’t want to live with this fear. I remembered what my teacher used to tell me, “Be the change that you want to see in the world!” So, I took the pledge to do everything in my powers to bring in the change and, after a lot of research and deliberation, my father and I created after quitting my promising corporate career that I had built in 14 long years with the intention of creating a place in the cyber space where kids can engage in constructive and meaningful activities that will help them develop their character and career while having fun with friends. The platform lets its users discuss, share, learn and teach about anything related to academics, education and career. It is a platform where students, teachers, parents and educationists can work together to create a more satisfying, wholesome and enjoyable learning experience that complements conventional system of education. The goal is to create a culture of talking about knowledge and education beyond the boundaries of schools, colleges, universities and coaching classes, making it a part of our lives and helping our kids not only to succeed in life but also to equip them with kind of knowledge that will help them take the right decisions at every step of their journey through life. Once the kids start enjoying their time on the internet doing such meaningful activities, chances of their falling victim to the dangerous / hazardous online contents will decrease exponentially.

This initiative cannot succeed without your active participation. Therefore, this is a petition to you asking you not only to sign but also to take the pledge to join the open knowledge network that we want to build and help it grow by actively using it and make at least 2 more people take the same pledge. It does not take anything but your will to do that. Yesterday we celebrated National Education Day in India. Our goal is to grow the community to 1 million study buddies before we celebrate National Education Day again, i.e. 11th November, 2018. If every single person joining the network can get only 2 of his/her friends do the same within 24 hours, we will reach our target in just 20 days. Therefore, the target is not unachievable if we care for our and our kids’ future. 

Tamasorma Jyotirgamaya – Let’s take the pledge to change our future to a brighter and better one by transcending from the darker side of technology to the one of enlightenment.

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