Help a cancer-struck Syrian mother heal and reunite with her family in Germany

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Fundraiser: Bringing Hadieh Home


Is a loving mother of three, a loyal wife, a generous friend and has always even lent strangers a helping hand and an ear that listened. Being the faithful Christian she is, she has always taken on life in the most trusting and optimistic manner, however now she and her family once again have a devastating tragedy to face: Hadieh most likely has advanced breast cancer.

Until Syria was struck by Civil War, her family lived comfortably and worry-free in the pilgrimage Saidnaya, a suburb of the capital Damaskus. The war proceeded to tear her family apart, spreading her relatives all across the globe and forcing her eldest son and husband to seek refuge in Germany. Hadieh is currently living in Lebanon with her daughter and the country’s latest travel regulations are so tight, especially for Syrian citizen, that her husband and son can’t even stop for a quick visit. Though, this wasn’t by far the last blow she would have to endure. Throughout the years, Hadieh started suffering from inexplicable back pains that worsened daily, leaving her having to rely on the assistance of her hard-working daughter to perform everyday tasks such as eating and keeping up with her personal hygiene. It was when she couldn’t even walk anymore, that her doctors suggested a prognosis that was an absolute nightmare: The MRI-Scans and biopsy that followed proved that she, indeed, had a malicious mutation in her chest that was most probably a tumor which had already spread out all the way to her back, leaving metastasis in her spine. Now, it is for certain that Hadieh needs to be brought into a German hospital. Hadieh needs to be brought to her husband and son.

Nonetheless, the German Embassy in Beirut were not in a rush to grant Hadieh her Visa for Germany, even though they’ve been handed an urgent application including the doctors’ reports proving her terrible state of health. It wasn’t until the German Office for Foreign Affairs were brought to court and fought against for months, that she received her Visa. You would think she finally won the battle, but there’s more to come.

The last burden she has to overcome now are the costs for her flight to Germany. Given her bad medical state, she is not capable of travelling with a regular airline or via landline. She would have to be brought to the Republic via medically aided air transport from Lebanon. The costs for that travel option, which is the only she can take, really, amount to € 31.000, for which Germany does not intend any financial aid.

For the given reasons, we’re kindly asking you to find it in your heart to contribute to “Bringing Hadieh Home” to her husband. Every single Penny will bring her and her family closer to their reunion and her remission from her life-threatening illness. Please transfer any amount you can spare to the following PayPal account. We will keep you, the donor, up to date and would love to document her journey to Germany for you.

Gift Hadieh back her life with her husband. Gift Hadieh health. Gift Hadieh and her family the peace they deserve after years of suffering.